Everest On The Track

Meet Audio Mixer Kevin Clyde

Thanks to the generous support of our Kickstarter backers, we were able to add audio production expert Kevin Clyde to our team. Kevin is a Berklee graduate with over thirty years of experience working in audio post-production for visual media in markets around the world, in addition to live music. Bonus fact: he's also been a runner since high school. Kevin answered a few questions about his background and his craft.

Kevin Clyde: audio wizard

What brought you to audio mixing?
Years ago, I realized that well-crafted audio was a sort of a ‘match-maker’ between a story and an audience. Done well, the viewer would be captivated by the story without noticing that the ‘matchmaker’ was even in the room; I wanted to help make that happen.

What is one thing people might not know about what audio mixing can bring to a project?
I think it’s this: that in sound and music, sometimes a whisper will be as evocative as a roar.

What do you consider a seminal example of audio production that people should give an especially close listen to?
‘Band of Brothers’ is a reference for me, as are the Pixar animations…. ‘A Bug’s Life’ and ‘Toy Story’ are master classes in elegant but efficient audio design.

As someone who comes on-board in the later stages of the process, what about this telling of the Bannister story has struck you the most?
All projects come into audio post with this or that technical issue; EVEREST ON THE TRACK was no exception. But it was quickly evident that the show’s creators had an incredible respect for the story itself, and that respect became the fuel to power the long hours that ‘technical issues’ (and an approaching deadline!) require.

Anything I missed?
It’s hard to relate just how expensive and time-consuming media production can be; many fine projects collapse due to a lack of funding. But everyone who supported this effort can be proud; you have helped tell one of the most compelling stories in the human experience. For your kind support, I thank you.