Everest On The Track


The 6th of May, 1954, Roger Bannister became the first man to better four-minutes for the mile. Since that day, more people have reached the summit of Everest, than have matched Bannister's feat.

But before Bannister could make history, he first had to survive World War II...


SIR ROGER BANNISTER -- first person under 4:00 for the mile

SIR CHRIS CHATAWAY -- Bannister's friend and pacemaker on 6 May 1954

GEORGE DOLE -- competitor in Bannister's record-breaking mile on 6 May 1954

GEOFFREY WESTON -- spectator at Iffley Road on 6 May 1954

JOHN LANDY -- Bannister's rival / second person under 4:00 for the mile

LORD SEBASTIAN COE -- former mile WR holder / chairman of London2012

PHIL KNIGHT -- founder of Nike

STEVE CRAM -- former WR + current British record holder in mile / BBC commentator

DAVID EPSTEIN -- author of New York Times' best-seller The Sports Gene

DAVE MOORCROFT -- chief executive emeritus, UK Athletics

TIM HUTCHINGS -- athletics commentator for NBC, ESPN and BBC

DR. HAROLD CARTER -- historian + lecturer, Oxford University

WENDY WEBSTER -- author, Englishness and Empire / history lecturer, Univ. of Huddersfield 

PAT BUTCHER -- author, The Perfect Distance

NEIL WILSON -- Olympic correspondent, The Daily Mail

DEREK IBBOTSON -- third mile WR holder under 4:00

CRAIG MASBACK -- first person to acheive sub-4:00 mile at Iffley Road after Bannister