Everest On The Track

Outstanding Voices On Tap for BANNISTER

The story of the first mile under 4:00 is a well-known one, so we set out to amass a collection of voices that is unparalleled in its insight into and understanding of that feat. We wanted to find unique and untapped angles through which to explore one of the greatest sporting achievements in human history, and will be fortunate to see this story through the eyes of the following:

Sir Roger Bannister – first person under 4:00 for the mile
Sir Chris Chataway – Bannister’s friend and pacemaker
John Landy – second person under 4:00 for the mile
Derek Ibbotson – third mile world record under 4:00
Sebastian Coe – former mile world record holder, 2 x Olympic Gold
Steve Cram – former mile world record holder, 4th-fastest all-time
Peter Elliott – Olympic silver medalist, 1500m
Dave Moorcroft – chief executive emeritus, UK Athletics
Tim Hutchings – athletics commentator for NBC, ESPN and BBC 
David Epstein – Olympic correspondent, Sports Illustrated
Pat Butcher – author, The Perfect Distance
Neil Wilson – Olympic correspondent, The Daily Mail